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The Most Comfortable Air Beds For Camping, Reviews & More

The Most Comfortable Air Beds For Camping with ReviewsAir mattresses have been apart of most of our lives since a very young age, they are fun, cozy and portable. But what makes the most comfortable air beds so darn comfy. Even as an adult now, I find myself searching for ways to whip out the airbed just so I can feel like I’m floating on air.

Unfortunately not all air mattresses are as comfortable as each other. In fact, some are so darn painful to sleep on that many people refuse to even sleep on an air mattress. A bad airbed can actually cause back pain, unrest and leave you sleeping on the hard floor.

Now we don’t want this at all!. Here at Sleeping With Air, we have gone out to find the most comfortable air mattresses for camping, everyday use, home use and more. By searching through hundreds of reviews and analyzing what we think are the most comfortable, we have been able to narrow down each category into a singular air mattress. Lets begin with super comfortable camping air mattresses.

Make Camping Enjoyable Again

The Most Comfortable Air Bed For CampingThe Most comfortable camping air mattress

When it comes to camping, some people prefer to caveman it up and pull out the old tattered and torn sleeping bag. Well, that’s not me!. When I go camping, I go to get away from society and have a nice relaxing yet good time. So a camping air mattress must be comfortable to say the least.

We have reviewed many of the best air mattresses on the market and when it comes to camping there’s a few common ‘needs’ we have seen popping up.

The most important must have we think is either the air mattress comes with a battery powered air pump, or at least have the ability to take external pumps (not just a built in pump).

Secondly, a double raised air mattress is ideal for maximum comfort. The air mattress must have high quality air channels (minimum 30) to provide the air support you should need. Because the air mattress is raised to double the height of a normal camping air mattress, you can feel an increased comfort level.

Not only is a raised camping air mattress comfortable while sleeping, but also when you get in and out of bed. This is because the bed is at a better economical height, reducing strain and pressure on your body to lower your self to the ground, and then raise yourself from the ground level.

We Recommend The Coleman Support Rest Double High Camping Air Bed

We are big fans of the Coleman Support Rest. It’s a beautiful bed and super comfortable. The only draw back is that you will have to spend a few bucks to get a cheap battery powered air pump. Other than that, it’s perfect of a comfortable sleep under the stars.


Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed


Comfortable Air Beds For Everyday UseThe Best Air Beds For Everyday Use 2016

It’s critical when buying a air mattress intended to be used for long time that it has supreme comfort. Many people are replacing their standard beds with an air inflated alternative. While this does sound awesome, don’t just rush off and buy the first airbed you see.

There are 2 main types of air beds for which you should choose from when intending to use them for an extended period. These are as follows:

  1. High End Expensive Adjustable Air beds: These beds are the most expensive on the market. They will literally replace you current mattress for life basically. They are designed to have the most amount of comfort possible, while offering individual sleeper custom support adjust-ability. Highly Recommended for long term use.
  2. Temporary semi permanent air beds: These are the more affordable air mattresses which people use as long term beds. I wouldn’t suggest that will make permanent bed replacements as they will eventually deteriorate over time. However you may get a good amount of time out of one. Recommended for guests, vacations, semi permanent use to relieve back pain or to recover from an injury.

Memory Foam Air Beds Are Comfortable

Memory foam air beds are pretty much a air mattress with a memory foam topper. Memory foam as we know is a unique but highly comfortable foam material. Having the extra layer of comfort on top of a well supported air mattress will drastically increase the comfort. However, not everyone is a fan of memory foam, so I suggest maybe trying a memory foam topper on your existing bed before forking out cash for a air mattress with a memory foam top.

The Best Memory Foam Air Mattress

We think the Quick Luxe is the best memory foam air mattress on the market right now. The Quick Luxe makes an ideal guest room or long term use air mattress. It is raised to double height and includes a built in pump ready to go. The memory foam is a subtle 1" thick and adds a nice touch to an already comfortable air bed.


What Makes An Air Mattress Comfortable?

Generally speaking, when y

What Makes A Air Bed Comfortableou lay on an air bed there are 2 things that attribute to the comfort level. These 2 basic features will vary from bed to bed, so it’s important to pay attention to the specifications of the particular air mattress.
  1. The top of the airbed which you lay sheets over. This is essentially the area that has the comfort impact on your body. The High End air beds have combinations of materials to maximize comfort. Such as memory foam and various Latex materials. On the more common air beds, you should have a flocked top at minimum. This will create a soft surface which also prevents the typical squeaking noise non flocked tops produce when you move around on a air mattress.
  2. Beneath the cushioned top you will get your support. With the proper air support, you won’t be having a comfortable air bed to sleep on. Worse case scenario is that you wake up in the morning on the hard floor. Pay attention to the brand specific air channel coil systems. The higher quality models will use air coils similar to a standard mattress to produce excellent full body support. The air bed with the best support system in our opinion is the Dream Series by Sound Asleep.