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Are Ozark Trail Tents Waterproof?

Are Ozark Trail Tents WaterproofIf you have done your research online, there’s no doubt you want to finally know the answer to “are Ozark Trail tents waterproof?”. To set the record straight, I have gathered my research and documented what I believe to be the answer.

Ozark Trail tents are a pretty popular tent for many campers across America. One of the main reason for their popularity is their darn good price.

It doesn’t matter what style or how many campers the tent suits, Ozark Trail always seem to have a decent price point. But with this affordable tent option, you got to ask yourself, what’s the quality like and will it shelter me from the rain?.

Being an affordable tent when compared to some other tents which can range in the $1000’s you would be forgiven for having these doubts in your mind. Nobody wants to get soaked while out camping, I especially don’t want any of you to become drenched from the rain after a Ozark Trail recommendation on my behalf.

So, after much research online, it seems their is a general consensus that Ozark Trail tents are NOT waterproof. It doesn’t matter if you buy from Walmart or if you buy a Ozark on Amazon, the consensus is the same. Does this worry me?. Not in the slightest. Most tents in this price range are not waterproof anyways, which is still perfectly OK. Why? I will explain shortly.

Water Resistant Doesn’t Mean Waterproof!

The most important thing to remember when you read product descriptions on any tent, not just Ozark Trails. Is to make sure it is waterproof and not water resistant. Being water resistant means the tent can handle maybe a light shower, but in a heavy downpour, expect to get wet.

While a waterproof tent should be able to handle much heavier rain. Keyword there being ‘Should’. I have bought very expensive waterproof tents in the past only to wake up during the night with water dripping on my face. So while it is important that it claims to be waterproof, never fully rely on it. Well that’s my experience anyway.


So Should You Buy A Ozark Trail Tent?

Absolutely, heck two of the best three room tents that I recommend is by Ozark Trail. However, I do always recommend you add a spray coat or sponge on a coat of water proof yourself. This is an inexpensive way to turn a Ozark Trail into a affordable waterproof tent. The other option of course is to buy 2 tarps. One for the ground and one to hang over the tent to keep you extra dry. As you will see in one of the videos below, how adding a simple waterproof to your tent will stop the water from getting in.

So once you have made the Ozark Trail tent waterproof, you can then enjoy your camping the way it’s meant to be. Dry!. The best part is, you didn’t have to spend thousands on a waterproof tent either. Check out the comments below for further encouragement to waterproof ANY tent before use.

Complaints About Ozark Trail Tents

Proof Ozark Trail Tents Are Not Waterproof!

So in this video below, you will find a guy that has gone to great lengths to warn people off buying Ozark Trail tents becasue they are not waterproof. In the video you can see him ring Ozark and they say themselves that the tents are pretty much not meant for rain. However, this can be easily fixed with a spray coat of water proof as you can see in a further video.

I think it’s a bit harsh to come down on Ozark like this. As I think they are a good option for campers on a tight budget. Plus you can make them waterproof rather cheaply and quickly too. But watch the video for yourself below.

Note: You can also see plenty of positive reviews for the Ozark brand in the comments of the video.


Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent Waterproof Test

Are Ozark Trail Tents Good In Rain

Get This Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent On Amazon

This next video is part 2 of a review for the Ozark Trail 10 person instant tent. In this part of the review you can see first hand how well this tent can handle the heavy rain.

So this camper has either got a waterproof version or added a coat himself like I recommend because the tent is holding up very well against the rain. I did notice other reviews on this model stating that the seams are water proofed rather well. Also take a look at the cool interior light, great feature to have.


Lastly,  Waterproofing A Cheap Ozark Trail Walmart Tent

So in this video, the guy shows how he made his cheap $20 tent even better simply by waterproofing the seams. This is especially important on smaller tents like this. This is because when you touch or lean into the wall of a tent, if it has been raining the water will run towards the seams.

So on a smaller tent like the Backpacking one person Ozark Trail, you can expect to be touching the interior sides of your tent frequently. So it’s very important to waterproof the seems on a small tent like this. For what it costs and takes to achieve. Don’t put it off!. Do this on any tent. Water proof or not!.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Worth Waterproofing?

So as you can see from the above videos and reviews, the Ozark Trails tent is a affordable family camping tent. One which SHOULD be waterproofed after purchase. This is a simple and rather effective way to stop rain getting inside your tent.

So in my opinion, you should buy a Ozark Trail tent even if you are concerned that it may not be waterproof. As I will say again, waterproof all tents and you can rest easy knowing you will have a dry camping experience.


Jonathan H

Friday 15th of June 2018

I bought the 14x14 vacation tent two years ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I was all ready to start waterproofin it but then read the manual and they made it very clear that the only additional waterproofing that should be done is to the seams. It emphasized no spray. I have always waterproofed tents. This is an ozaek tent, what do you suggest? I’ve also read that there are two types of waterproofing for different fabrics. What kind do recommend for an ozaek?


Tuesday 19th of June 2018

Hi Jonathon, after 2 years I would certainly be applying a waterproofing agent. If you notice any flaking on the rain fly, a polyurethane sealer will most likely be the product as most rain flys are coated with this before sale. Remove any existing flaking sealant before applying. For the rest of the tent I would use NikWax as described here: